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Ring Slings and Wraps have been used by some cultures for a lot longer than we in the western world came to believe it was the way to carry our babies.  They can safely be used with a newborn and up to toddler age.

The ring sling is great for situations where you need to soothe your baby  but also have your hands free to carry on the normal day to day activities.


With the ring sling you can carry the baby on your front, on your hip and on the back. Each parent will work out the best way for them and their baby to be placed in the sling, but it is important to make sure your  baby can breath easily and you can monitor his or her well being at all times.  The upright position is usually the best.  Even a newborn can be carried this way. 


Please check that your ring sling is in good condition before the first use and after each wash. 


All ring slings can be washed either by hand or in the machine .. hand washing is preferable as it will protect the rings and the colour of the rings.  If you are washing the sling in a machine place it in a pillow case or bag that you can tie off at the end (so it doesn't come out during the wash), this will protect the rings and hopefully stop the colour from fading.  Some people use a sock over top of the rings to protect them.  






  • Your wrap will carry baby from Newborn through to toddler age .. usually up to between 15 to 20 kgs and be safe.


  • They are great for Premmie babies to have skin to skin contact.


  • Using a wrap will give you hands free travel to carry your baby but still have the freedom to shop or cleaning.

  • Creates a  custom fit to your child every time you tie so you can safely and comfortably accommodate your baby’s growth and your own body’s shape.

  • The simple tying style allows for easy use to put on and take off and the flexible material  lets it form to your child for a safe comfortable and secure carrier that will not sag with all day use.

  • The flexible material also allows for easy hassle free nursing.