Planning A Shower Party


When Planning a baby shower it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.

Before you decide on anything, it is important to make sure your have a unifying theme.  Even if inspiration does not come to mind straight away, taking the time to choose the right baby shower theme will save you a lot of time .. and a lot of headaches when it comes to planning the finer details.


So what sort of things do you need to consider when choosing a theme?

Gift Ideas                          

Gift Registry Baby Shower Gift lists are increasingly popular.  They are  particularly useful for first time Mums who will probably need to buy a lot of baby products and equipment, which can be quite an expensive procedure.  Baby shower gift lists also unsure the Mum-To-Be gets exactly what she wants and avoids the risk of acquiring duplicate products.  You can also have more than one gift registry depending on the items and products you require.


The Sex Of The Baby

About half of all parents want to know if their baby is a boy or a girl before the big day.  If you know the gender of the baby you are hosting a shower for this can help determine the shower's theme.  Unsurprisingly, a blue colour scheme is popular for boys and pink colour scheme is popular for girls'.  You may also want to consider an occupation themed baby shower.  Many Dad and Mums have occupations with associations that can be played up for the baby shower.

Of course, just as many parents choose not to know the gender of the baby. This in itself can make a good baby shower theme. An ‘it’s a…?’ party, whereby half of everything – from the cake to the decorations – is pink and the other half is blue, is a good example  of this.   You may want to keep it simpler.  White and yellow are both good neutral colours, while animal themes are suitable for both boys and girls.

The Location of the Party

Most people host a baby shower at home as this allows complete control of the day. People tend to be more relaxed in a familiar environment too, which can help encourage them to participate in the fun and games. 
One often neglected benefit associated with hosting at home, is that your house can help determine the theme of your shower.

  • For example, if you live by the beach you could have a beach party theme or  if you live on a farm you could have a farm animals theme.
  • These themes are quite obvious, but the same logic applies to more subtle houses. For example, if you have wood flooring and furniture, you could easily transform your home in to an enchanted forest or woodland theme.
  • If you would prefer to not host the shower in your home, there are several good locations to choose from. Scout halls and community centres are usually very accommodating and allow a great deal of freedom when it comes to decorations and catering. Restaurants can be very convenient too.
  • If you are going to a Resturant choose one you know and love and ask them if you can decorate.
  • You may also want to host your shower outdoors, especially if you expect a lot of guests.
  • If you have a large garden, you can create a wonderful garden party theme with lots of light colours, especially greens, whites and yellows. Or how about a street party?

The Type of Shower
If this isn’t mum’s first baby shower, you should be careful not to choose the same theme as last time. If mum has already had a couple of kids, you may also want to change the theme to celebrate mum herself, not the baby.   

 Mother Goose and Noah’s Ark themes are good examples of this type of shower.

You may also want to consider a ‘mother blessing’  where there are no baby shower gifts or baby shower games, just a focus on spending time with the Mum To Be having a pamper day out.

The Wishes of the Mother-To-Be

If you are organising a baby shower on the behalf of the Mum to Be, make sure to always keep her wishes in mind when choosing the baby shower theme.
This is the most important consideration of them all when choosing baby shower themes. Would mum-to-be prefer to go out dressed up as a pirate, relax at a friend’s house, or go out for lunch with nearest and dearest? Be sure to consult partners, friends, family and even mum-to-be herself – unless it’s a surprise of course.

Baby Essentials
Not every mum will want to create a gift registry. A lot of mum’s prefer to be surprised. If you are buying a baby shower gift without the aid of a gift list, there are several baby essentials that make excellent gifts, including bottle sterilisers and baby monitors.  Closer to Nature also has a number of baby starter kits that make excellent gifts. 

Baby clothes are a welcome baby shower gift too. Most baby clothes are designed specifically for boys or girls, but there are lots of gender neutral clothes available if you don’t know the baby’s gender.

Baby toys are also another good baby shower gift. Just be sure that the toy is age appropriate and doesn’t  have any loose parts or harmful materials.                                          

Rattles and mobiles are popular choices, just be sure to buy from reputable retailers.    

Make Your Own Gift

Many people enjoy making gifts.
Handmade baby shower gifts come in many forms, including simple ideas such as a mix CD with music to help calm baby or a personalised photo album.

More skilled craftspeople may like to try their hand at making a baby blanket, a baby towel, baby clothes or even a stuffed animal.
Handmade baby shower gifts are popular because they are more personal than bought gifts, but care should always be taken to ensure that they are safe for baby.

Gifts for Mum
Not all baby shower gifts have to be for baby. A baby shower is a celebration of motherhood, so gifts for mum are equally as appropriate.                                                                                                                                                       

This is particularly true if Mum has already acquired lot of baby essentials, perhaps because this is not her first baby.

Popular baby shower gift ideas for mum include engraved bracelets, keepsake boxes and bath soaks.

One novel idea is babysitting tokens  -  for redemption in the years to come!    


Hosting a themed party does not need to be expensive When  hosting a themed party for either your baby shower or your little one's 1st birthday you can mix and match and still hold the theme in place. For example if you are choosing to theme for your little boy's 1st birthday to be Disney Cars you could buy some of the items like the hats and table centerpiece  and then you can just add plain coloured swirls to hang down or make your own cut outs to hang of the swirls or stick to the walls.  

At this age they are far to young to even know what you have as decorations .. so long as they are bright the children will be happy. You can also use two different plain coloured paper napkins to supplement and we all know that children are messy little beings so you will probably end up using half a dozen napkins per child so why not save a little and just use a plain coloured one instead of the party themed Disney Cars Serviettes .. keep  those for wrapping the cake in to put in the loot bags for them to take home.

Co ordinate the theme and colours to match .. pick out a nice green or blue on the hat or banner and use that colour plate or servitte instead of having to buy all the themed designer plates and napkins.  After all once a plate has food on it does it matter what the picture is under that food, and as for the paper napkin .. well once a face is wiped of cream and  sugar that is not much left of that napkin either so plain colours are fine as coordinates.   

Baby Showers and Bïrthday parties can be expensive to host so why not find your theme and work on colour coordinates.



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